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Repeat Attempt

I signed up on the Kelby Training on-line training site. So far its been a good investment in time and money. It is also why I haven’t posted for a while – I’ve been spending a lot of time absorbing. But … Continue reading

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Summer Fun – a composite

A few weeks ago I was sitting in the back reading ‘Within the Frame’. Naturally, I had my camera in my lap while I read. Just to enhance the reading experience. My daughter and her cousin were jumping on the tramp. … Continue reading

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First Step…

There are, in my mind, two approaches to learning – memorization and integration through repetition. Memorization takes more a focused effort and provides immediate results but fades over time. Integration takes longer, provides results more slowly, but when you get it, you … Continue reading

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Lightroom – the new Darkroom

Right now I feel a tad overwhelmed. Overwhelmed, and psyched. I finally found ‘the book’. I’ve owned Photoshop since version 3. I can open files, crop, mess around with brightness and contrast and change the image size with the best of … Continue reading

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