Day 1

I’ve spent the last months planning, learning, ignoring.  All those things I do so well to keep me from actually doing.
I’ve stuffed a lot of stuff in my head. Now I need to do something with it.

Chase Jarvis – not sure why but that name has been intriging me recently. I’ve seen it pop up in blogs here and there. I finally decided to check him out.
I went to his site at  Excellent work. I was impressed. I checked out his blog at I liked his attitude. I watched a couple of videos of him speaking and liked him more. It didn’t seem to  be just a marketing effort – he felt like a guy who loved the craft and loved sharing it.  And works HARD at it. I can respect this guy.

Create – Share – Sustain

Read this, watch the talk – I needed it and appreciate the message.

Do it – Share it – do what ever it takes to support it, then do it again.

Do it – Share it… the two things I need to do. Break out of my avoidance and my shyness.

I made some choices

  • Create a forum where I can publish and share. I don’t have enough wall space or enough money to print and hang everything I need to shoot. And the exposure is poor. But I do have the internet. This Blog – Flickr – Facebook. Publishing opportunities that cost little more than time and and provide ultimate exposure. I’ve set it up so I can quickly drop images onto all three sites.  Share it – ready to go
  • Shoot more. I need to shoot every day, need to be looking all the time. So I’m going to carry a camera everywhere. I’m going to shoot and publish every day. I expect to put out some poor stuff on occasion, but quantity is the important thing here, not quality. Hopefully I’ll get a little quality too. Mostly I just need to shoot. And shoot.  Today’s post is the first of my dailies.
  • Shoot projects. I’m going to set projects to explore and expand certain techniques or subjects.  My first one – to take a daily picture out my office window – a passage of time kind of thing.  Nothing amazing, but something I always thought would be fun to do.

The first of my Dailies:


I originally threw this in without any comment. The more I look at it the more I like it. The lines are intriquing and the textures is full of detail – just the way I like it.

It’s also my first flickr image to get a comment. Kind of cool.


This one, I like it, but not near as strong as the b&w. The lighting gives it some interest.