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Some useful info…

I’ve always wanted to understand the whole makeup thing a bit better. Not that I want to do it to myself :0) but so I can light and retouch better. Here’s a good starting point.

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“If you’re bored with life – you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals.” – Lou Holtz

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Artful Collaborating

I loved this.  I’ve been playing in my head how I could incorporate my kids art into my own. Here’s a lady that does it with wonderful results. Not quite willingly…  

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Alexa Meade – working outside of the box

I found a post today about Alexa Meade on PetaPixel that caught my imagination. Alexa found a way to step out of the norm and capture very beautiful images from a unique place. Check out her TED talk. You will … Continue reading

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Saturn and Earth, and more…

Here’s an amazing image from the Cassini mission of Saturn, showing it, its rings as well as Earth, Mars and Venus in natural colors. No color manipulation. So beautiful. Here’s the link to the NASA site with more details and … Continue reading

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What timelapse can do

This is a great piece showing what timelapse can do if used well.

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Grit and Sweat – Centennial Cross Country Seniors

This year I committed to my daughter and to myself that I would shoot every X Country race and every runner on the team, if possible. I missed one race completely (in Oregan, the day after my step son’s wedding) and … Continue reading

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New strobes and modifier – a huge difference

I’ve been very frustrated lately, every time I have tried to use my strobes. I couldn’t get control of my light. Naturally I thought it was because I was rusty, or just getting dumber as I aged. Then if finally hit … Continue reading

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Saturn from Cassini

This is SO beautiful. More info…  

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Restoration – a Happy Baby

My aunt asked me to do a restoration for her. It was a pretty simple one. The before and after is a little deceptive as I adjusted the exposure/contrast issues in the scan itself. After that it was mostly just … Continue reading

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