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Duane Michals–Wow!

‘A Master of Photographic Narrative’ A new (for me) discovery – Duane Michals. His sense of social perception is powerful. His pictures are full of emotion, full of energy, full of varied view points. This isn’t about the visual – … Continue reading

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Photoshop Free Transform

After too many years of bad software help files I’ve stopped believing that there is anything helpful behind the help button. Instead I buy the book and think that is better. Photoshop is changing that. There are so many Photoshop books … Continue reading

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Power Image–Part 2

After a lot of years developing software I’ve learned that the best result seldom happen the first time. There are those times when I’m just about done with a change and something happens and I lose it all. The computer … Continue reading

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A sense of perception

A couple of weeks ago we went up to see the Apache Helicopters. I’ve always wanted to see one up close and personal. From the pictures I’ve seen of them I’ve always had a sense of complete unbridled power! It always represented … Continue reading

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A couple of things from Permission to Suck

Here’s a couple of quotes from yesterday’s  ‘Permission to Suck’  post that hit home for me: Using your instincts as a creative person means staying within yourself. Make sure that every influence you’re connected to is filtered through your unique … Continue reading

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John Paul Caponigro on TED

John Paul’s TED talk on Creativity. I’ve been waiting for this to be posted. He did a good job.  

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