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A couple of pots…

  The blog is working. As I’ve stepped back and evaluated the direction my life is taking, vs. the direction I wanted it to take when I was young and idealistic (a common middle age crisis kind of thing)  I’ve identified … Continue reading

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I'll work on the tone

I’ve been way to serious so far – I have a definite problem with that. I’ll do better, promise.

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Where this will lead?

The thought keeps going through my mind – where will this lead? Odds are, nowhere. Without a focused commitment and a life change, it will fizzle. That is a matter of will and effort. I can control that. So what if I … Continue reading

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What I'm up to…

   And so it begins… the launch of the ExquisiteLines blog where I will explore and document the resumption of my personal exploration of the creative process.  The journey started too many years ago as a teen working on my photography merit badge. My councilor took … Continue reading

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