What is Beauty? Part 2…

My last post by no means was the end all discussion/definition of beauty. Mr. Dutton’s comments were interesting, inspiring, defining, but they weren’t the full answer. It was one perspective. I’m going to continue this exploration by pulling in additional pieces and adding my two bits when it makes sense and I feel so inspired.

There’s a piece by Trey Ratcliff of HDR fame, among other things. His article is entitled, 10 Principles of Beautiful Photography.

Here’s an extract to whet your appetite:

Oh, look at that camera you have! It’s so tiny and slim and techno-looking. Look! It fits right in your pocket! Oh my, you can take it to parties and to sporting events and it’s so convenient. Oh – it does 10 megapixels too! Oh my. Well that is a good camera then!

No it’s not. It’s a toy – give it to your kids or the nearest Japanese gradeschooler (for whom it was designed) and get serious.

Check it out – some thoughtful insights, spoken plainly.

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