Site Restructure

Fast Cars

Fast Cars

I’ve been tinkering with the site the past couple of months. What I had before was a bit messy and not structured the way I wanted, going forward. So some modifications were needed.

I can’t create in a vacuum, I need somewhere to show off what I’ve done. This is it, for now. I’ll get more ambitious later.

Previously I had two sites – my blog and a gallery on SmugMug.  My domain went to the gallery and linked to the blog. Now there is only one site and the domain points here.

The site is now made up of 3 areas:

  • Work Log (Blog) – This is my working journal. Here I record my thoughts, notes, research, anything that I think is interesting or anything I just want to verbalize
  • Gallery - I will publish the results of my projects, jobs, etc here. This is the finished product area
  • Training – I want to do more classes, reach out and help others learn. Each class I teach will include a syllabus – a summary of the key points with example images.

It ain’t pretty. There are some formatting issues, it could be cleaned up here or there. But it’s fully functional and it’s time I start being a photographer again, an artist, not a bad computer programmer.  Content is king here.

Meet Beaux

Meet Beaux

Next up – probably a store. It would be cool to actually generate some kind of income.  But there are some ego issues involved there. What if I put it up and nobody comes… :0)

But before the store or anything else – a whole lot of images, good, bad, some great. Tune in and see how it goes.

Oh, and the pictures above – no relation at all to this post other than they look nice and add some color to a fairly boring post.

Happy shooting all…


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