Revised ambition

Any successful plan requires periodic review and adjustment. This includes my plan to post an image a day.

I’m going to continue to¬†shoot daily, as I did before, but I’m only going to post the best image – or images – weekly.

What I realized last week is how visually limited my life is. I get up, leave the house, drive to work, wander around the building, drive home and hang around the house. There are images available there, and I’m going to find them, but at some point I will exhaust that environment.

Now, the obvious solution is to broaden the environment. And I will, as I am able. I do still have to make a living and I’m afraid it isn’t currently a terribly visual living.

The other is is quality. I’m planning on posting these images to the world and want to make sure that I have images worth posting. I was pushing it on the garbage can – though I have to admit I like elements of it. I’m not completely unhappy with it. But at this rate, I’d be posting some questionable stuff.

Enough of that stuff.

I do have an image to share. As an exercise in blending and to give my son something fun, I generated this image of Ariusz Pudzianowski with my son’s facial features. He thought it was pretty cool. I hope Ariusz doesn’t mind.

Just a few years and a lot of sweat…

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