Photomatix Registration Redo

On my first posting about Photomatix HDR I mentioned that I was disappointed that the registration of the images wasn’t very good. The same images were very tight in the PS CS3 HDR conversion, but didn’t work well when I did it in Photomatix.

In Photomatix, there are two registration options:

  • By correcting horizontal and vertical shifts
  • By matching features

I processed that first image using the first option. I didn’t like the results. I decided to run it again and see how it did.

Here’s the first image I did:


Here’s the new one, I generated using the second option:


The registration is much better. I also played around with the image a bit now that I’m more familiar with the tool and the process. The final look is different, not necessarily better. But the registration was tighter and that’s what I was looking for.

I finally bought a copy of Photomatix, so now I’m committed. I believe I understand the basics enough to really start exploring what I can do with it, to use it. I also signed up for the Kelby Training. The first course I ran was Matt Kloskowski’s Real World of HDR course.  It did two things. It filled some holes in what I’ve learned piecemeal of the last few weeks and it confirmed the rest of what I have learned and my conculsions. Matt’s approach is very simple – how to spread the exposure latitiude – not necessarily how to come up with the hard-core HDR affect. But he does show how to do that, he just doesn’t dwell on it. All in all a good course.

FYI – if you’re considering purchasing Photomatix and signing up for the Kelby Training, hook up with Kelby Training first and check out the HDR course. They have a promo code that will save almost enough money on Photomatix to cover your first month of Kelby. I did it in the wrong order, but I stumbled across another promo code so I was good.

On a totally un-related subject – I’ve  been watching the BBC (I think) produced show ‘MI5′. What an amazing show. Gritty, real, touching. The production techniques remind me of 24 – I think they did it first. Either way – I’ve really enjoyed it to this point. Look for it on your local PBS station.

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