Moab – Day One

I survived the trip. I had one exciting moment when a semi blew a tire just as he was going by me. Thought someone had shot something.

The car ran great – my biggest challenge was staying reasonably close to the speed limit. It handles VERY nice. Really like this machine. Here’s a shot of it just outside of Moab.

Mom told me that I should check out Dead Horse Point. She said it was really impressive. So, after I got settled and wandered around town I jumped back into the car and headed up. Got there about 6:30. Wandered around a little then made my way over to the west side, set up and watched the sun go down, taking a few pictures every few minutes so it looked like I had a purpose in being there. I did – but I mostly enjoyed just sitting there listening to the wind and the birds and watching the shadows grow, define then disappear.

Here’s my view point while I was sitting and watching.

This is a shot I took when I first arrived, looking east off of Dead Horse Point. This little spire caught my fancy.

More to come.

Now I need to get to bed. I have to be ready to go at 5:00 am. ugh.

One thought on “Moab – Day One

  1. Looks like a great spot but I bet the pictures don’t do the real life experience justice. I love southern Utah and am way jealous :-)

    Look forward to more!

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