Huntington Witherill – I loved this

John Paul Caponigro posted these videos on his site. I watched them and loved them. Beautiful work and inspiring words.

Here’s some key quotes I pulled as I watched them:

Photographs are ‘stylized interpretations of reality’. Every photograph ‘is a lie’.

He is ‘constantly looking and very occasionally actually seeing’.

Weston called that ‘The Flame of Recognition.’

Part 1:

Part 2:

Check out Huntington Witherill’s web site for more great stuff.

One thought on “Huntington Witherill – I loved this

  1. Scott – Thanks so much for sharing these! I found them to be very meaningful to me. His work is inspiring and hearing his thoughts about his work and approach was priceless. I plan to re-watch these over and over. Thanks again. Peace, Glen

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