Engagement Composite

This is the composite I put together of our Engagement images. I wanted something a little more personal, that would show more of our personalities than just a single image.

Here’s a list of the elements I used and what I was thinking when I used them:

  • Background with our shadow. Provides a nice base layer but still ties everything together with the directional shadow shapes.
  • Floating leaves. They add an earthy feel – fills the blank spaces.
  • Handwriting adds a level of meaning, expands the story line and adds an organic element.
  • A scan of the pot Cheryl built on our first ‘date’. This provides a touch of the history of the relationship. That ugly little pot has become very significant to the relationship.
  • A hand colored couple shot. I like the feel of that look, as I’ve talked about in the last couple of posts. ┬áThe more graphic, less detailed treatment softens the overall piece.
  • An aged black and white couple shot. This adds a sense of time to the image. It provides a sense of history, one that doesn’t exist yet, but hopefully will be long and rich.

This isn’t mind shattering, but I think it shows a positive progression.

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