Duane Michals–Wow!

‘A Master of Photographic Narrative’

A new (for me) discovery – Duane Michals. His sense of social perception is powerful. His pictures are full of emotion, full of energy, full of varied view points. This isn’t about the visual – it’s about the message, the thoughts it provokes. Much what I’ve been trying to push toward. It’s hard to see that though all of the glossy, technically perfect stuff that is out there now. I feel this in my gut – I hoped it could be out there. And he’s done it. So that gives me hope that I can too. It takes vision, guts and the sweat.

There is nudity in this video and some slightly disturbing concepts. Don’t watch it unless your good with that.

Series of his work:


An interview (very long and stuffy, but good):

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