Get *it done!!!

Chase Jarvis-Success Hit List

Chase Jarvis-Success Hit List

The following is from a post by Chase Jarvis of critical keys to success. This was the first, and for me, the most damning.

1. Get shit done.
Over-thinking, pontificating, and wondering are tools for the slacker. People don’t care what almost happened, or what your problems are or why something wasn’t. They care about what is, and what will be. That requires actually making stuff happen. Pros do, make, ship, send, publish, post and deliver; amateurs sit around and wonder, or worse, scratch their arse.

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How to Pose

I’m continually working on my posing. My primary focus is the moment, so posing sometimes suffers because I’m focused on expressions, interactions and moments. But it is still important. This class is a good one.  It was taught at B&H by Jerry Ghionis, a pretty good wedding photographer from Down Under. It’s long, but good. And the accent is pleasant.

Posing Everyone

Posing Everyone

I’ve added this to the training library.

Managing Lighting using the Inverse Square of Light

I’ve always known and understood the Inverse Square of Light (in its simple form: when you change the distance between the light and the subject the intensity of light changes more then the ratio of the distance between the light and the subject. If you double the distance, the light falls off 2 stops-4 times.) but I’ve only thought of it in the sense of intensity of light on the object to get the exposure I wanted. In this video, Karl Taylor shows how to manage the distribution of light on multiple subjects using the Inverse Square rule.

In short – the closer the light is to the subjects, the faster the fall off. The further the light is from the subjects, the less the fall off (its more even over a wider area). So if you are lighting a group with a single light from the side, moving the light away from the group will equalize the distribution of light overall.

I like that.

It will also lessen the intensity of the light on the subjects, requiring an increase in power, or increase in exposure. Win one thing, give up another in exchange.

Inverse Square

Inverse Square

I’ve added this to the Training library.

Revisited Training Materials



When I set this site up a few years ago, I was going to amaze people at the awesome training materials I would provide. I dropped in the first couple of pieces I produced from a class I held.  The class and the materials didn’t go over as well as I had hoped, so I pulled back. In the meantime I’ve continued my own learning process which consists of a daily review of multiple web sites/blogs, training sites, magazines and books. It doesn’t take long to realize that there is a HUGE body of training materials out there. So rather than spend my time producing more training material to add to the current glut, I decided to use my training section as a library of the materials I discover that I think are helpful.

So I removed the few things that were there and started adding links to material that I think is worth checking out. I may at some point produce my own, but for right now, I want to concentrate on producing work.  Please check out my training section and feel free to let me know what you think of the material that is there.

Stunning work.

This is an AMAZING piece of work. This is not a video. This was shot with a still camera. Over 150,000 images were used to create this 3 minute piece. A camera and a computer were sacrificed during the creation. The motion is sped up so we can see how these normally slow moving creatures live. It is stunning. A witness to the beauty and complexity of life.


Slow Life from Daniel Stoupin on Vimeo.