Grit and Sweat – Centennial Cross Country Seniors

Steve Thompson Memorial Run

This year I committed to my daughter and to myself that I would shoot every X Country race and every runner on the team, if possible. I missed one race completely (in Oregan, the day after my step son’s wedding) and only got the Varsity in another race. I consider that pretty good.

Bob Firman 2013

Yesterday they had a tribute for the Seniors. Monday morning I came up with the bright idea to pull and finish a picture of each Senior to give to them to remember the season. Thus began 2 days of push, and push and push some more. I didn’t realize there were as many as there were. But I finished, with 20 minutes to spare. My daughter didn’t get her’s until today, but she is very patient with me.

Steve Thompson Memorial Run

Here’s the gallery of the final images. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with each kid on the team. It was amazing watching them run and play this year. I hope they enjoy these images and remember this experience for years to come.

Centennial Cross Country - 2013 - Grit and Sweat (Seniors)

New strobes and modifier – a huge difference

I’ve been very frustrated lately, every time I tried to use my strobes. I just couldn’t get control of my light. Naturally I thought it was because I was rusty, or just getting dumber as I aged. Then if finally hit me – maybe it’s the strobes. So I decided I needed to fix what I had or get new ones. I decided to get new ones. My SpeedOTron is almost 30 years old. By the time I fixed the box and replaced the bulbs I would be out more than it would take to buy two new AlienBees. So I went with new. And I splurged and bought a beauty dish and a small OctaBox. I got it all last week. Its been sitting in the garage, waiting for me, calling to me.

This afternoon Ann asked if I could do a quick portrait of her, Alan and the kids. Sure – an excuse to try out my new toys.

It was magical. I have full control over my light. Everything worked flawlessly. The Octa light is beautiful. I’m excited to shoot in the studio again.

Here’s the picture:


Eager Family Portraits

I did a fun shoot yesterday with Susie and her boys in Freak Alley in downtown Boise. Total shade, a single stobe in an umbrella for lighting, very cramped quarters – I shot most of these with my back pressed tightly against the far wall. We had to move a garbage bin, the boys were boys and we got some pretty good shots.

Eager Family Portraits

Eager Family Portraits