An Idea, Thousands of People, Some Technology–Beautiful Music

Again, thanks to John Paul Caponigro for posting this so I could discover it.

This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. This is the kind of event that shows the beauty we are capable of as a people. We get so caught up in the killing and the horrors, of our worship of the cult of the rich and the popular we forget the simple power of the masses to create something so beautiful.

A virtual choir – thousands of normal people all around the world who join together via the internet brought together by an idea and a shared love.

This first video is Eric Whitacre’s description of how this came to be.

(the original link is broken and I can’t find it)

The second is his first piece, Lux Aurumque – 185 people from 12 countries.

The third is his second piece, Sleep – 2052 people from 58 countries.

This last piece is in remembrance of Easter, in honor of the God of us all.

 How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood and Vince Gill




Happy Easter all.

Drawing by Milton Glaser

I found this on John Paul Caponigro’s Blog.


This explains fundamentally why I’ve never been content with photography as a medium of expression. I’ve always felt I was lacking something important. As I’ve worked on my drawing over the past few months what Mr. Glaser says here has become more and more clear to me.

Photography is a medium of discovery. You look for patterns and moments of meaning within nature and within mankind. And you capture them in that moment. In photography I look for the wholeness of the compostion – the relationship of the parts within the frame.

Drawing is a medium of observation. You examine, understand, explore and capture the details of the object. There is a depth there I don’t find in photography. Which, honestly, is what makes it difficult for me to sit down and do it. It takes a serious commitment in time and effort to draw. While with a camera I watch and when I see it – I aim, compose shot and walk on. The commitment there is to carry a camera and to constantly watch.