Where this will lead?

The thought keeps going through my mind – where will this lead?

Odds are, nowhere. Without a focused commitment and a life change, it will fizzle. That is a matter of will and effort. I can control that.

So what if I make the journey and find myself wanting? That is the next most likely outcome. My greatest fear is to discover that I am mediocore, average, or worse. This effort could prove that by displaying my inability to create something worthwhile. But I’ll never know without taking the risk. By making journey.

And I can enjoy the journey. That needs to be the primary goal. The rest will come, or not, depending on how capable I am. And maybe, when I achieve the best that is in me and it falls short, maybe the record of my journey will help someone else achieve theirs and maybe theirs will be amazing.

Then again, maybe I’ll create something truely memorable…



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