Revisited Training Materials



When I set this site up a few years ago, I was going to amaze people at the awesome training materials I would provide. I dropped in the first couple of pieces I produced for a class I held.  The class and the materials didn’t go over as well as I had hoped, so I pulled back. In the meantime I’ve continued my own learning process which consists of a daily review of multiple web sites/blogs, training sites, magazines and books. It doesn’t take long to realize that there is a HUGE body of training materials out there. So rather than spend my time producing more training material to add to the current glut, I decided to use my training section as a library of the materials I discover that I think are helpful.

So I removed the few things that were there and started adding links to material that I think are worth checking out. I may at some point produce my own, but for right now, I want to concentrate on producing work.  Please check out my training section and feel free to let me know what you think of the material that is there.

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