I’m back – almost

I’ve been very lax, but I’m still around. This has not been the year I expected. It has been, to this point, the worst year of my life. The clouds of anguish and despair have been my abode. But the clouds are breaking. I feel the warmth of the light again and my hope is returning.

The reward of going through trials is the opportunity to shed dead weight, reevaluate and redirect your life. That is what I’m attempting to do. I firmly believe that the years and relationships before me are going to be the richest, most rewarding of my life. I’m going into it with hope tempered by a healthy fringe of fear.

And part of that, I hope, will be a resurrection of my photographic and artistic effort. I cleared out the pottery area, bought some new clay and bought a new camera which I’m going to carry everywhere. I set up an art room, the primary purpose of which was to have a dedicated area to sit down and work. Then my kids invaded and it is less than ideal. The joy of having kids. Now, I just need to do…

It all comes down to doing.

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