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Ever since I came back from Moab I’ve been obsessed with clouds. Probably due to the distinct lack of the same there.

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Moab – back at home

I’m home. We walked through Fiery Furnace yesterday morning. The nice thing was we didn’t have to get up so early – we did a normal 7:30 departure (actually 7:40 since I held everyone up checking out). The not so … Continue reading

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Moab – Day 3 (I missed a day)

This will be short – but I’ll post some pictures. Got in last night at 10:30 – up at 4:00. Now it is 11:30 and I have to be up at 4:30. I haven’t had much time to post. It’s … Continue reading

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Moab – Day One

I survived the trip. I had one exciting moment when I semi blew a tire just as he was going by me. Thought someone had shot something. The car ran great – my biggest challenge was staying reasonably close to … Continue reading

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The adventure begins tonight

As immediatly after work as possible I’m throwing the camera bag and some worn out clothes into my trunk and heading south to Moab/Arches and what ever else is down there. I’m going to wander around in the desert with … Continue reading

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CS5 HDR – My first shot

I’ve been a bit absent – sorry about that. I decided I needed to have more flexibility than I could get from So I upgraded my current hosting plan, setup a couple of WordPress blogs there, one a replica … Continue reading

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The innocent love of creating

I’ve been struggling since I decided to re-start my visual exploration. It is the same struggle I felt when I started in college, the same one that made me quit 15 years ago. I come from a working class family. … Continue reading

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Huntington Witherill – I loved this

John Paul Caponigro posted these videos on his site. I watched them and loved them. Beautiful work and inspiring words. Here’s some key quotes I pulled as I watched them: Photographs are ‘stylized interpretations of reality’. Every photograph ‘is a … Continue reading

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Boise Skyline Pano from Camel Back

My first kind of successful pano. This is a blend of 3 images shot of downtown Boise.    – Threw away the first one and tried again. This turned out a bit better. I cleaned up the blend, reblended the … Continue reading

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A hint of spring

Yesterday I heard a Red Wing Blackbird call as I walked out of work. Just the sound made it seem a little warmer…

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